All Mustangs (V-8) must have a nice exhaust system.
I was impressed with the sound of the factory system, but it just wasn't good enough.

In July 2004, in preparation for the 2004 Dream Cruise, I did some research on the net and found my setup.
Thanks to anyone that posts sound/video clips! Just made my own to help out anyone shopping for exhaust.

The sound of the exhaust gets washed out when I get up to 95mph in third gear at 5k rpm due to the wind.
Don't use any cheap ass computer speakers for this, you need some good size woofers to hear the deep tones.

Movie Clip 1 - High Quality (3.7 MB)

Movie Clip 2 - High Quality (3.5 MB)

Movie Clip 1 - Lower Quality (568 kB)

Movie Clip 2 - Lower Quality (528 kB)

Burnout at WHQ - High Quality (1.1MB)

So what is it?
MAC off-road ProChamber up front and a MagnaFlow Magna Pack in the back.