Pontiac Lake Time Trial
Michael Lavander (mike@mlav.com)

Photos from the Pontiac Lake Time Trial, Sunday, May 22, 2005.

Total of 281 photos are posted, sorted by rider number.
If a photo contains multiple riders, the file name is XX-XX-XX.

My web servers are alomst full, so these web photos have a lot of JPEG compression.

E-mail me at mike@mlav.com if you are interested in a full size image.

The original uncropped images are 3504 x 2336 pixels.
Perfect for 8x10 enlargements or larger.

More mountain biking photos at http://mlav.com/bike.

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214a 216-218 216a 219a
214a.jpg 216-218.jpg 216a.jpg 219a.jpg
219b 220a 221a 222a
219b.jpg 220a.jpg 221a.jpg 222a.jpg
223a 224a 225a 226a
223a.jpg 224a.jpg 225a.jpg 226a.jpg
227a 227b 228-240 228a
227a.jpg 227b.jpg 228-240.jpg 228a.jpg
229a 231a 233a 233b
229a.jpg 231a.jpg 233a.jpg 233b.jpg
234a 235a 237a 237b
234a.jpg 235a.jpg 237a.jpg 237b.jpg
238a 238b 238c 239a
238a.jpg 238b.jpg 238c.jpg 239a.jpg
240a 240b 241a 242c
240a.jpg 240b.jpg 241a.jpg 242c.jpg
243a 244a 244b 244c
243a.jpg 244a.jpg 244b.jpg 244c.jpg
247a 248a 249a 250a
247a.jpg 248a.jpg 249a.jpg 250a.jpg