Bloomer Park XC Race
Michael Lavander (

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Photos from the Bloomer Park XC Race, Sunday, June 26, 2005.
Thanks Robert Linden and Tailwind for organizing this great race!

Total of 173 photos are posted, sorted by rider number.
If a photo contains multiple riders, the file name is XX-XX-XX.

Check out the MISC photos for riders I could not ID.

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1007a.jpg 1008a.jpg 1010a.jpg 1011a.jpg
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1015a.jpg 1015b.jpg 1016a.jpg 1124a.jpg
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1124b.jpg 1125a.jpg 1125b.jpg 1128a.jpg
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1134a.jpg 1135a.jpg 1136a.jpg 1141a.jpg
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1145a.jpg 1148a.jpg 1149a.jpg 1151a.jpg
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1152a.jpg 1153a.jpg 1215a.jpg 1216a.jpg
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1219a.jpg 1220a.jpg 1220b.jpg 1221a.jpg
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1221b.jpg 1222a.jpg 1224a.jpg 1225a.jpg
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1225b.jpg 1226a.jpg 1226b.jpg 1227a.jpg
1227b 1229a 1230a 1231a
1227b.jpg 1229a.jpg 1230a.jpg 1231a.jpg

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