I have been looking for a new fork to replace the Fox Vanilla 125R pile of crap on my Azonic for quite a while now. Price Point has the Marzocchi All Mountain 2 on sale from 2007. The Azonic frame would not ride too well with a 150mm fork, so I was forced to buy a new frame. Sette Flite All Mountain, stripped the Azonic and swapped the parts over. All I needed was a seatpost and Zero Stack headset. The bike will be WAY overkill for riding the 3.3 miles to work and for pulling my daughter in her bike trailer. But, I am hoping to get out to Ann Arbor and Detroit again to do some good urban riding. Many parts on this bike have now been on my Schwinn Straight Six, Azonic DS-1, Haro MX3, Specialized P.1, Cannondale Jekyll.

April 10, 2008
April 12, 2008 -- Had to go to work, bust out a little overtime.
Took the Sette on a little shakedown ride. Reusing cables
is great. No stretching. Usually I put a little Jonnisnot on the
cables. Didn't even bother. The front brake rotor was swapped for
a 6", brain farted...my 8" adapter was for an IS fork. Need to get
a post mount adapter. The 19" frame is pretty large. Maybe I should
have an 18". My riding today had the rear end in 4" mode. Very stiff
and nice on the big hits. Moved it to 6" mode and its pretty soft.
Rebound damping is turned all the way down and it is still
pretty slow on rebound. Maybe 5" mode is the way to go. Riding up
stairs at the Newburgh Lake shelter was nice, the rear end just
soaks the stairs right up.